Some days I like to look back in time and remember things I’ve done when I started out drawing and experimenting different materials and supports. A state of mind i like to call Designostalgic.

So I opened my big A1 folder and found a bunch of drawings and lost papers and in between some precious things I did some point in life. And here are a few of different materials and supports (still don’t know how they are alive):

“Papiroflexia”, that’s how we call here, it’s a little bit close to origami and pop-up. Do you know those books or congratulation cards that you open and something pops-up?! So this a work that I did, don’t know how many years ago!!

2 images

This one, the purpose was to work with textures with color pencils, to swap the real textures of the object with different ones that you find in nature, like wood, leafs and pink flowers:


Ahhh, can´t contain myself… watercolor self-portrait… creepy:


This one was one of my first serigraphs: